Shipping to Canada

As of May 2023 these are approximate USPS costs

USPS raises shipping costs at least once per year. 

Our system will calculate the actual costs as of the date your order is placed.

Base price for the smallest package weighing 4 oz  = 1/2 yard + packaging is $15

for every 2.20 oz = 1/2 yard added, the shipping cost goes up.

The most economical per yard cost to ship fabrics from the USA to Canada:

Up to 7 yards can ship First Class Package costing US$22

Up to 12 yards fits in a USPS Flat Rate Padded Envelope costing US$30

Most quilt kits will fit in a Flat Rate Padded Envelope, but larger kits like Queen/King size quilt kits will not.

If for any reason the system calculates the shipping too high we will refund overages if it amounts to more than US$2+